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Data storage is an important part of the computer technology. The availability and corresponding use of memory as a result of networking further increase the importance of memory or data storage. At the time slot, EMC came into being, there was no other company specially focusing on this line of computer field. It was established in 1979 and within two years year it launched its 64-bit memory card. The first letters of family names of the co-founders make up EM in EMC, how C joined the EM is not known, at least to general people. The founders were two men, Richard Egan and Roger Marino, were introduced to each other as they were living in the same room in Northeastern University (Boston, Massachusetts) during their studies to achieve bachelor degree in Engineering. The start of company did not immediately follow awarding of degree of engineering. One co-founder Richard Egan worked in many capacities and in many places before reaching on decision with his ex-roommate to launch a company. Richard Egan had graduated in 1962 and had been part of the team that had worked on the Apollo project etc. Lockheed Martin, Honeywell International, Inc, and Intel Corporation were his final employers, respectively. After working with Intel Corporation he thought that the right time had come to launch a company of himself so that the work he had been doing for others can benefit him. He entered in partnership with his ex-roommate to initiate EMC. The memory board, as per Egan's past experience, stood to be the lynchpin of production plan. In 1982 they successfully came up with a 64-bit memory for a computer firm. Though, it did not lead towards bonanza, yet the company started earning. The Fortuna knocked at their doors in 1991 the EMC engineered Symmetrix. Although the religious fellow of Egan had lion's share in this development. The company was able to launch new products later on along with the corresponding emc certification exams. Each emc certification is reflection of attainment of specific standards set by the EMC. Such achievement not only assures efficiency and efficacious results but also open up more inroads into the horizon of success, progress and fortune. The EMC website mentions exam topics of each emc exam and present the responding emc study pack. A typical study pack may consist of variety of emc study material. The material range includes emc video, emc simulation, emc class etc.

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In a bird's eye view, we note that the companies who are looked up in the horizon of computer and computer related products, technologies, services etc share one thing. These all concentrated a particular facet of the computer. The latest example is that of Google Search Engine. Internet searches are still its priority and after having earned a fortune, it turned towards other things. Another instance is Microsoft Corporation, it had turned towards recreational products like Xbox 360 with Kinect etc. The one of the partner of EMC had a knack and experience of memory boards of the computers. In this regard, he worker in various capacities in difficult work places. However, first break through was provided by the mission Apollo. In this project, he had to work to improve memory board that was to be used for that mission. Next job was not directly linked with IT fields however, the following three jobs gave him so much experience that after leaving those he vowed to establish a concern. He chose his buddy of university time when he was studying. In the Northeastern University, (Boston) they were sharing a room in provided by the university itself. The living together made them good friends. After giving up the last job he along with his college and hostel fellow, Roger Marino. They agree to make the name the joint venture, they agreed on choosing the initials of their family names to name the would-be coming concern i.e. EMC. Within two years after setting it up, it fulfilled the contract with a computer company to provide 64-kilobyte in 1981. Though, it did not provide boost yet gave breathing space and kept it floating in the uneasy ocean of completion. In the meanwhile, he hired services of another engineer who played a seminal role in developing product, which added two more zeros in the value figure of the company. It was Symmetrix. The availability of emc certification exams is sign of commitment to the product. The increase in emc certifications might be used as a barometer of progress in offering newer products and technologies. EMC has divided the skill levels into three levels for each product. The method to confirm if a person has achieved the required level is succeeding in associated emc exams. Upon success, not only an emc certificate is awarded but also the examinee can find better employment. What an emc course would entail depend on the exam itself. Some exams require more than one emc courses. Testking offers its emc exam questions and answers for sure success.